Sunday, October 16, 2011

A new use for a stadium

Oh dear, it seems that the footballers are throwing hissy fits over the Olympic Stadium again. Apparently they can't agree on exactly which bunch of over-paid pansies should be allowed to play games in a building that the hard-warking and underpaid tax-payer has had to cough up for.

Enough is enough.

The truth is that there are plenty of football stadiums. Every team seems to have one but only uses if for 90 minutes every other week. If they put a bit of effort in, games could be scheduled in the both morning and afternoon thus halving the number of ground required. If there is a problem, well jumpers for goalposts in the local park is just as good isn't it ?

Likewise running tracks. There are several of those and judging by the number of people lumbering around the streets near me, they aren't essential either.

No. What there are none of is national model boating pools.

So, we just need a digger to make a hole where the grass is, let it rain and we have one. Better still, around it is the new national radio control car track. And with a bit of planning around this we can have the national miniature steam engine track.

So there you have it; 3 excellent facilities for the country for next to no cost. Lots of very happy people and some top-notch promotion of Great British Hobbies.

Vote for me.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful !
Harry (aka Harrymallard)

Paul said...

Brilliant idea. It's funny how the government spends so much money on some peoples' hobbies but nothing on others - this should set the balance right.

Anonymous said...

Got my vote.

Might I add that instead of wasting time making our young people do 'sports' at school, teaching them real practical skills that build self-esteem and ability to deal with everyday problems in life would be a darn siht more useful, perhaps with a recognisable goal?

A project, say, which involves a wide variety of aristic and technological skills so all could join in and contribute, rather than glorifying the few that can kick an sir filled ball faster than the rest.

Now there's a thought...