Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hellingly Hospital in Maquetren

Another print outing for the Hellingly Hospital Railway, but in a first for me, the magazine isn't English. No, you can now read about Hellingly in the Spanish mag, Maquetren.

Needless to say, my Spanish isn't good enough for this sort of thing but the English text was translated by Alberton Herrera who appears to have added a few extra web links in from my website for good measure. Actually, he could have written anything he likes as I can't read it either but no matter, I think I can trust him. Mind you, if anyone reading this fancies having a go at translating the PDF...

The 6 pages look really good and I even made the cover ! Foreign magazines always seem to look different to my eyes, not better or worse, just an indefinably "different". Maybe it's the mix of real and model trains, something that is only normally practised by one mag in the UK, Continental Modeller.

On my novel website, I describe myself as an "international wordsmith of repute" and so now I suppose this is really true. I'm sure a tour of the Continent can't be far away now.


Andy in Germany said...

I read your blog in Germany, so you've ben an 'international wordsmith' for some time.

CF said...

Parker for the continent, Hellingly for the incontinent.

Anonymous said...

I laughed a lot reading your article in the journal Maquetren. I like your honesty.
Your hard work in the model is worthy of admiration.
Thank you.


Phil Parker said...

Andreau - Glad you enjoyed it.