Monday, October 17, 2011

Model Engineering Show 2011

Miniature Steam EnginesLate summer sunshine greeted the annual Model Engineering Exhibition in Warwickshire. The ice cream man was doing good business as we looked over the cavalcade of miniature engines in the grassy area behind the hall.

The show itself seemed to be a familiar mix of trade and display. There are people selling machine tools heavy enough to require moving by forklift truck.Others purveyed tools that I didn't recognise, odd shaped bits that I suspect fit in the aforementioned machine tools. Once you had all this there were endless metal and castings to have a crack at.

On the display side I couldn't see many models entered in the competition itself but elsewhere there was plenty to see. My favourite thanks to shear ingenuity, has to be the model of a Mamod traction engine. The builder has re-created the toy in 30" to the foot and 6" to the foot scales and display the original toy alongside it's larger and smaller siblings.

Three rollers

As usual I was part of the Knightcote Model Boat Club stand. We loitered around the display of our models for the day trying to strike up conversations - mostly unsuccessfully. Model engineers are less communicative than early morning arrivals at a toy train show.

Mind you, there were a heck of a lot of them. Even on Saturday three coaches were in the car park and numerous mini buses. Plenty of tanoy announcements reminding people to return to the bus or be left behind too !

More photos from the show on Flickr

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