Saturday, October 01, 2011

A flotilla of articles in Model Boats Magazine

November's Model Boats Magazine is a bit of a bumper bundle of Phil Parker articles.

The main piece covers painting miniature figures. Prompted by a mention in the April issue that paiting people was a new venture for one of the more experienced magazine contributors, I thought it was time for us railway modellers to show those miniature water wallahs a thing or two. The feature has also given the editor a chance to roll out my byeline picture where I'm wearing a spray mask. I can't work out if I should send him a new shot for the next one or forever be known as the man in the plastic mask.

Elsewhere we have a review of the the Leonardo da Vinci paddle boat I made up a few months ago. MB doesn't normally cover plastic kits unless someone stick a radio control unit in and sails them, so getting this peice in is pretty good going. Strangley, this is the article that garnered most comment at the lakeside the morning following publication. Of course I'd forgotten to take it with me but there is always next time.

Finally, the Scalescenes ISO container kits appear in the reviews section. For anyone embarking on a container vessel, these would be a godsend. It's also likely to be a new market for the vendor so I hope he gets a few sales from it.

Vsisit the Model Boats Website.

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