Thursday, June 13, 2013

Astonish floor cleaner

I love an unusual use for run-of-the-mill products. My use of Johnson's Klear floor polish was behind the times but I managed so snag a bottle before it went off-sale and prices on ebay overtook the sort of champagne favoured by premiership footballers. Well, for those who don't realise that Humbrol spotted the gap in the market and plugged it with their own version anyway.

Anyway, I was reading MRJ 222 and spot that one of the layout builder has used something called Astonish Flawless Wood Floor Polish. I thought this sounded interesting so kept a look out for it. None of the local supermarkets or hardware stores kept the stuff.

On a trip to Hereford, I found a supply, or at least I thought I did. What I actually bought was wood floor cleaner. Well, I was many miles from the magazine and it does say wood floor...

Anyway, I tried a few drops of the contents on some sand. It might have cleaned it, it certainly didn't stick it together.

So, it's back to the shopping for me. I just need to keep a look out for this stuff.


James Finister said...

Quick Shine floor finish from Lake land seems to work quite well as a Klear substitute

Andy York said...

The replacement 'improved formula' product which is labelled as Pledge Multi Surface Wax will do the job.

It's slightly milky but dries clear; I've not tried it on any rolling stock yet although I'm told it's fine but I've done a fair amount of ballasting with it and all seems well (as long as you give it a dose of acrylic matt spray varnish afterwards to take the sheen off it that's meant for shiny floors).

Phil Parker said...

Has "Pledge Multi Surface Wax" been mentioned in MRJ?


Well then it's not finescale so I can't countainance it.

Anonymous said...

Found it at my local (Redditch)branch of Home Bargains for 99p.
They have a branch in Coventry.

Brian G.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,
Update on Astonish. Nowhere near as shiny as the original Klear, almost matt. It is milky in appearance in the bottle but dries clear. Tried it on part of a Halloween costume for my daughter !!. Ended up using some of my 18 year old Klear to get the shine she wanted.
Will try using it for ballasting shortly.
Brian G.