Monday, June 10, 2013

Is this B1 too cute to cut up?


I'm on the lookout for a chassis suitable for a narrow gauge project. One of the options I've been offered is a Graham Farish B1 - Springbok.

I'm pleased to say that it looks like there is a better option and I won't been needing to use this little engine for parts. I know this sounds stupid, it is just a toy train after all, but it's such a nice model that I don't want to damage it.

Over the last few years, the quality of N gauge has come on in leaps and bounds. Springbok is finer detailed than engines in 4mm were 15 years ago and even better than O gauge engines 40 years ago. Separate wire handrails, fine waggly bits, wheels that wouldn't cut through the topping on a pizza never mind the base. If it wasn't for that pug ugly coupling sticking out the front, you could believe you were looking at model in a larger scale.

If I want to improve things even further, a set of scale bogie wheels are in the packing although the instructions say they aren't suitable for running on a layout.

Anyway, my search for a donor model continues. I think I have a better option that I can't get so worked up about. I just don't want to give the B1 back.

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Mark said...

As someone who has just shifted into modelling in N gauge (not enough room for OO gauge any more) I'd say it's definitely too cute to cut up!

You are right though, in comparison to when I first saw N gauge models (my uncle's layout over 20 years ago) the improvement in quality is unbelievable.