Saturday, June 08, 2013


Last Saturday was the annual AGM for the Double O Gauge Association.

As usual, it was a fairly laid-back event with a short session of proper "business" and lots of looking at model railways. My role, as usual was to run the modelling competition.

The number of entries was up on last year and there were some absolute belters. I didn't think it would be possible to fit inside working valve gear in a OO loco. Surely the frames are too narrow? Surely OO modellers are too pragmatic to fit waggly bits you can't see into their engines?

It seems not as Chris White managed it. He didn't look deranged...

While railway modelling isn't really a competitive activity, the competition does encourage people to bring models along so there is something for attendees to look at. Judging is by votes cast by those present which makes it nice and democratic and means everyone gets to take part. It also gives me something to do while the meeting is on as we like to finish the AOB section with competition results so I'm sitting there totting up the votes while everyone else rattles on about things.
Anyway, there are loads of good models to look at, so head over to the DOGA website and take a look.

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