Sunday, June 02, 2013

Stop moaning Parker...

Colouring In building

This post was going to be about how all this modelling isn't quite as much fun as you might expect. I'd be going on about how I wasn't enjoying colouring in the brickwork on 2 and a half feet of O gauge factory building.

But it's not. It's the exact opposite.

You see, I've been reading the excellent "Golden Handcuffs" by Polly Courtney. The book is a fictional tale of a woman entering the world of corporate finance. She quickly discovers that the job takes over her life with stupid hours of work. The biggest complaint seems to be the mind numbing nature of the job which seems to involve fiddling with spreadsheets and presentations. All while being paid a shed load of money and trapped by a "golden handcuff" payment received on joining the firm that has to be repaid if the recipient leaves before the end of their first year.

Now, this IS a good read and I'll be honest and admit that despite the sound of unrivaled riches, working in corporate finance all seems a bit rubbish to me. But, I don't care about the job not stretching the employee. Tough. There are plenty of people who work dull jobs for far less money.

The worst job I ever had involved sitting in front of a video showing traffic on a junction and counting the different types of vehicles that crossed the line. It was as mind-numbing as it sounds. The film had to be watched at 3 times normal speed and counting took place on mechanical clicker things mounted on a board. I lasted 3 days and never, ever, want to go back.

Some people loved it. There were people who had been with the firm for years. Even at minimum wage they were happy.

So, when I find myself looking at a dull task like brick colouring, I remember this job. I realise that having turned modelmaking writing into (sort of) a full time job, I get to (sort of) work my own hours, do something I enjoy and listen to the radio station I like.

Into everyone's life, a little rain must fall. Even being a stuntman, my marker for an exciting job, must have dull days. Every job I've ever had involves varying amounts of rubbish so this ones not that much different and if the worst I have to worry about (apart from getting paid, the eternal moan for freelances) is a few dull hours with pencil crayons, then I suppose I'm doing all right. Which is the best anyone can hope for really.

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James Finister said...

I have to say I find brick colouring highly therapeutic - and the tip of using artists pencils to do it justified buying Parker's Guide