Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Book Review: Locomotive Modelling from Scratch and Etched kits Part 2

Part Two of Geoff Holt's magnum opus - I looked at Part One back in February. Sadly, Geoff passed away just as this volume was going to print so these books, and many breathtaking models, remain testament to his modelling career.

Sales for the first part were apparently higher than expected and I suspect that this will be repeated for this book as well. In many ways for the practical modeller, I'd suggest that it is an even more essential purchase than the first one.

Here, we get to look at the nitty-gritty of locomotive bodies. Starting off with the running plate, valances and splashers, we move on to boilers, cabs, fittings, tenders and traction supply. Testing and painting complete the model. We finish with words on the basic lathe and its operation.

Each chapter looks at real engines and then talks about Geoff's methods for modelling them. Extra illustration is provided by the running builds of an engine using a kit and scratchbuilding. By the end of the book you see both models beside each other and I certainly can't tell the difference. Mind you, I'd be happy to have produced a model of this quality with the aid of a kit, never mind cutting out all the parts myself.

A very practical book and probably worth its price just for the demonstration of how to make a boiler handrail that flows around the front of an engine without all the prodding, poking and re-bending that always accompanies my efforts.

One surprise was the inclusion of radio control for locomotives in the text. Sitting among some very tradition techniques, I wondered how it fitted in but reading the information, it makes perfect sense and shows that Geoff wasn't averse to looking at newer methods if required - which probably means that if it's in the book, it's the best way he found to do something!

Locomotive Modelling from Scratch and Etched kits Part Two at Amazon

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