Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pile of coal

Coal Pile

Last week I posted about crushing coal and in response Tony Cockrell said, "Could we see the finished coal heap please? "

Well, here it is. Not very exciting but it will do the job. My prototype is from Hellingly Hospital where all the photos show a massive pile of coal with no containing bunker. It's all pervasive too as the mound apparently existed fro half a century as far as I can tell.

Assuming that the coal will be transferred to the next-door boiler house manually, I've modelled it with an indentation where it's been dug and barrowed away so in plan the pile is sort of heart-shaped (Fred is standing in the dent) and there's a load of much (Humbrol Smoke weathering powder) showing where the barrows have been.

Interesting side point. The photo shows the limitations of cutting out the background and wanging in some sky. From this angle, the roof lines should be visible but of course these are flat building ends. In real life, it isn't nearly so apparent.

Anyway, more on this end of Clayhanger in a future edition of Hornby Magazine.

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