Sunday, August 06, 2017

A week on the Isle of Man

This time last week, I was enjoying the last full day of my holiday on the Isle of Man.

You won't be surprised to know that I took a lot of photos, some of which I'll link to later. Not everything appeared in front of my camera though, sometimes I did stuff and my Dad grabbed a snap as I was too busy.

One of the highlights was the chance to sit in Sea Lion's cab and ride the length of the Groudle Glen Railway. That's the benefit of being a Friend of the line and chatting to the right people at the right time. The cab isn't large, it's designed for single man operation, as it was the proper driver (who also drives something called "Flying Scotsman") ended up operating the regulator with me doing the gear,  drain cocks and whistle when told.

The little engine really has to work as it goes up the hill to the clifftops. Sadly, the run was over all too soon and it's not a long way. Still, a fantastic run.

The next day, we were in the steam railway museum at Port Erin. It was quiet so I decided to have a go at driving "the cabbage" simulator.

"The cabbage" is the nickname applied by the local press to the lines new diesel. This machine has proved to be a lot of trouble and is currently wrapped up in the bus car park awaiting the return of its bogies. Apparently, the museum staff are always being asked if the simulator has broken down. 

For a fiver, this was 15 minutes good fun. The screen display is impressive, this is used as a training aid for real drivers when not in idiot mode, and you can recognise all the landmarks and stock. At the end of the series of instructed tests, you are given a score. I got 82% which is appearently very good for a first go. Sadly, accoring to the poster, this doesn't qualify me to drive a real locomotive. 

Anyway, enough about me. You want photos:


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