Friday, August 04, 2017

Trackshack - Peel

While over on the Isle of Man, I took the chance to go and visit Trackshack, located on the Ramsey Road on the edge of Peel.

For most UK modellers, Trackshack are a mail-order outfit who offer keen prices and excellent customer service - I've been on the end of this and have seen similar comments from other customers posted of forums.

However, they stock both Bachmann and Peco products which means they must have a physical shop that people can walk in to from the street. That's the deal when you take on these two as both companies are keen supporters of the traditional reatil premise.

Anyway, what you find in the doors is the full range of Peco, Hornby, Bachmann and Graham Farish products plus Metcalf kits in OO and N, Gaugemaster products and Oxford Rail stock. For the garden scale modeller there is Accucraft plus R/C gear. The ranges are pretty incredible - there were several packets of the Peco stud contact strip. Seriously, who uses this stuff?

The upshot is, if you are looking for something from any of these ranges then Trackshack are worth a look.

Of course, this is really all about the website and chatting to owner Steve, a very friendly bloke, he suggests people browse the site, place an order and pick it up if they are passing. You can just turn up and pay though in the same way as any other model shop though.

Trackshack website

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