Sunday, August 13, 2017

Accucraft open day 2017

Accucraft threw open their doors last Saturday for their annual open day. As well as a skip full of bargains, there was trade support from Swift Sixteen, Model Earth Design, Talisman Brass Castings and Trenarren Models.

The crowd quickly demolished the pile of bargains. Most of these were reject Accucraft products but there were some odd-balls too. I probably should have picked up the Mercian G1 dock tank, complete with wheels and motor for £100 but then it would only have sat on a shelf no matter how much I'd love to build it.

There were a few wagons in need of repair. Again, an Isle of Man 4-wheel carriage without wheels or roof could have made a nice grounded body for the garden, but by the time I'd worked that out we were busy playing trains so I didn't get to shell out the 20 quid.

Never mind, once the crowd cleared, I was able to have a proper look at the trade present.

Model Earth design specialises in 7/8th scale kits:

Si's painting is brilliant. All the models are so full of character, even the really insignificant ones. 

They also produce some very reasonably price wagons kit which we'll be featuring in the October issue of Garden Rail. More of these below.

Swift Sixteen has reintroduced their railbus kit and it was lapping the test track.

As well as the trade, John Campbell exhibited his minimum space layout "Campbell’s Quarry".

Neil Ramsay showed his collection of Irish railway stock from which I've picked a couple of railcars, but hope to persuade him to tell us more in a future edition of Garden Rail.

If you are thinking Manx then yes, this is half of the railcar set that was sold to the IOM and currently awaits restoration as soon as a business case can be made for it.

The railcar above is made from a sort of "scratch aid" kit and I might be able to get hold of one. It would look lovely in the garden...

Over on the test track, a couple of 7/8th scale Bagnall tanks were being run for their new owners. Loaded with a train of Model Earth wagons complete with real slate loads, they looked the part and so I sent my camera along for the ride too.

You will be pleased to know that there was cake to be had as well, or at least cake appeared from nowhere at one point, and very welcome it was too.

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