Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: Presco Buildings hut

This is one of those buildings that ought to be available from the model railway trade, but as far as I am aware, isn't.

Little fibreglass hut like this were a common feature of many linesides from the 1970s onwards, but have since vanished. Presumably the crews don't need accommodation locally any more as they all arrive in vans with on-board facilities. Dunno. You don't see these any more though. (The is one half way up Snaefell).

This example is a Butterly station and looking the worse for wear. As it was on the other side of the tracks, I couldn't get a photo or measurements but I'd say it's a candidate for a plastic scratchbuild (don't say 3D printing, those curves need to be smooth) and then resin casting.

Presco, who made this hut, have gone bust and been acquired by Elliot, but the hut doesn't seem to be in the current range.

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