Thursday, June 28, 2018

Great Models - Mississauga

One of the benefits of not driving everywhere is that you have to explore places to find bus stops. After visiting Credit Valley Railway, I went in search of transport and tripped over another model shop - Great Hobbies.

If Credit Valley is heaven for toy train buffs, Great Hobbies covers everything else. The sizable (for the UK, average for Canada) store is stuffed with RC vehicles, plastic kits, boats and loads of materials. I wandered the aisles for the best part of an hour, constantly doing currency calculations in my head followed by "how much space do I have in my bag and how close am I to the weight limit".

Sensible Phil won out and my only purchase was this suitably silly figure:

Tiny and cheap, it now sits looking at me from the Canada section of my display cabinet. In fact, until I can reorganise the display cabinet, it is the Canada section.

As it turns out, I was right about the space and not far off the mark on the weight for my bag, but I'll admit the pound vs dollar rate did make a lot of the plastic kits look like bargains. More importantly, the staff were very friendly and I feel guilty I spent less than 5 dollars. 

Anyway, if you are a model maker, head over to Mississauga. Two fantastic shops within walking or driving distance.

Visit the Great Hobbies website.

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Bruce Robb said...

A great shop and one I used regularly while working over there.