Monday, June 11, 2018

Rough seating

Finding myself with some Bachmann G scale figures to photograph for Garden Rail presented me with an interesting problem.

A few of the little people are seated, so needed to be propped up for their picture. I didn't have a suitable seat, and didn't want to give the impression this would be included in the pack. I needed something anonymous.

Step forward some sanding pads bought for China via eBay for about 3 quid for 10. I think they are aimed at the nail bar industry, but as it happens, they are just the right height for seating. Being rough and white makes them obviously not part of the model but a bit like the white walls of an art gallery, something to show off the exhibits.


Huw Griffiths said...

I take it that's otherwise known as "armchair modelling".

Joking aside, if those pads are the ones I think they are, I'd imagine they are about one inch square in cross section - with a central "core" of foam.

I came across a number of them the other year - in a "subtle" shade of lilac - at an engineering tradeshow.

After the things have been "hammered" with model making - sanding off excess styrene here - removing unwanted enamel there - they might be less useful for model making, but a lot more use as model benches in their own right. Perhaps think in terms of those benches they have grouped round pianos at the NEC.

If you are thinking "art gallery", park benches, or the like, any chips or "splodges" of odd colours might even add to the "artistic" effect. However, if the things are in a railway station, "plain and bland" is more likely to be the order of the day.

This has, however, got me thinking. Perhaps there might even be scope for recycling some of the old pads I've finished with - just not by me, you understand … .

Ben Bucki said...

The mind boggles at the kind of domestic arguement those two in the picture must have had... that looks like a relationship in slow and tragic collapse ;)