Friday, June 01, 2018

Faller e-Train coach

Always on the lookout for interesting rolling stock for garden railways, I was reminded a couple of months ago about the Faller E-Train. Produced in the 1980s for use with Playmobil-like figures, the stock runs on 32mm gauge track but is narrow gauge and pretty close to 16mm scale.

I've been keeping an eye on eBay with a plan to add some to my collection of 16mm stock and eventually a coach appeared at a price I was willing to pay - £15 including postage. E-Train stock is becoming rare as its either been thrown away or hoarded by garden railway fans. The locos attract scary prices for what is basically a toy.

Despite its origins though, the stock has potential. I highlighted a video a while ago from a line operated with it

Stats fans will want to know how big the model shown is:
Length over coupling loops: 220mm
Width: 78mm
Height: 110mm
Wheel diameter (over treads): 22mm
Wheelbase: 90mm

Play value is assured by the removable roof and opening windows, doors and gates. It's a four-wheel mini dolls house!

The design is suitably whimsical. I like it and think there's a lot of LGB coach influence going on. Underneath, the wheels are solid with fake spokes and brake gear doesn't line up, but the main failing is the undernourished W-irons. While the kids wouldn't notice, I feel that some whitemetal replacements fixed to the faces would improve matters as well as providing a bit of weight.

Long term, I wonder about a re-paint. The Germanic livery is very nice but I'm no fan of self-coloured plastic and it would help the model fit in with the rest of my stock.  Those tension lock couplings will need replacement too, but only by simple centre buffer versions.

I'm imaging a 3-coach train behind a small tank engine. Something suitably British and probably scratchbuilt would work. I better see if I can find some more!

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tony taylor said...

Thin micro strip in the rectangles under the windows as matchboarding followed by primer and Tamiya dark yellow with a streaking of darker brown..? By the way I spotted a Toy Story coach at the recent Bristol show. It’s coming along nicely as a light railway coach