Saturday, April 07, 2018

Saturday Film Club: Faller garden railway

With my garden railway hat on, I've been looking at Faller E-Train models from the early 1980s. This system used models large enough for Playmobil figures, just like the later LGB based official system, but on 32mm track. 

I remember the railbus being converted to a "proper" model in an old Railway Modeller magazine, but had largely forgotten about the system apart from that. There are some nice models, the coaches being particularly appealing. Much watching of eBay will ensue!

Anyway, this weeks video shows a garden railway built and operated using Faller e-train parts. OK, these are toys, but the low-level viewpoint give an air of realism to the scene that isn't always present with garden railways.

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bartholomew sorrentino said...

It's not necessarily what you have, but what you do with it that counts. Or, if you just want to watch the trains go 'round and 'round, that's OK too.