Sunday, April 08, 2018

York 2018

Back yards

York came with a list. A list of people I really needed to talk to. And it was quite a long list.

Fortunately, talking is something I enjoy doing at shows. If I'm honest, it's the main reason I go. So, starting in the tea room, my Dad and I identified the target stands and headed out.

Being quite a traditional show. York has very varied trade and there was certainly lots to look at. Our first purchase, on the first stand we saw, was a model boat kit. Well, I've got enough toy trains after all!

Coal barge

Working our way down the hall, we managed the second mezzanine before lunch called. Even refreshments called for a chat with the organiser of the Ally Pally show.

By the time the ground floor was reached, we were tired but doing well. For both of us, the favourite layout was Canalside Ironworks by David Atkinson. Nicely small, full of big building and grimly industrial, it was full of detail and is just the sort of model we'd like to be building at the moment.
Crinan swing bridge
I like the miniature version of the infamous "loco on a boat" scene from The Biggest Little Railway In The World, this time filmed in Crinan locks it seems. Mind you, since the layout featured a completely fictitious, but well done, railway station, we can't complain about that!

Model thunderstorm
Another first was the convincing thunderstorm on Z gauge layout "Bullet Trains of Japan". No rain, but the light and sound effects worked a treat.
Those exhibiting put on a terrific show. We left at chucking out time and could have done more. The list was complete and I was so tired, a stop on the motorway for a pick-me-up coffee was required.

Crinan swing bridge

Good show.It's hard work though this exhibition visiting!


Anonymous said...

That Japanese layout looks interesting. I like how the thunder & lightning happened just as the EVA 500 Shinkansen passed through. Would that be an Evangelion reference to AT Field?

Colin Smith said...

I don't normally mention typos, but there's a very unfortunate one in the paragraph below the coal barge. That is, unless you were taking every opportunity to talk to people. :-)

Phil Parker said...

Thanks Colin. Now fixed. Weirdly, I've had more problems with this post than any for months. I'm sure I fixed that typo for a start, and the spacing around the photos is off. However, I've been too busy to re-do it from scratch.