Sunday, April 15, 2018

16mm Assoc. AGM 2018

Sir Haydn

Another busy event for me. So busy in fact, that I didn't really have time to shoot some blog photos - too many magazine pictures to bag. Fortunately, my parents were happy to oblige, some of which are in the album linked below.

Anyway, favourite model:

Grounded van bodies

These breathtaking grounded van scratch built in G3 (1:22.5) scale. There's little that needs to be said about this amazing modelmaking.

Loco I would like to build:

Super Nellie!

Super Nellie! A giant Emett model running on a Bachmann G gauge "Percy" chassis. Kit from Smallbrook studios. It would cost the same as a cheap steam engine, but it's mahoosive!

Layout I'd happily build:

Slugs crossing

Slugs Crossing by Brian Domonic. I could really do with a 32mm gauge test track...

And in other news, I need a hat.

Here I am with Manfred R. Meliset, editor of Garten Bahn magazine, and Tag Gorton, once of Garden Rail. They both have hats, should I? 

Suggestions for suitable headgear are welcomed...


Anonymous said...

A pith helmet?

Brian L Dominic said...

Glad you liked Slug's Crossing - IP Engineering ply track would do at a pinch for your test track, but you have to be VERY careful to get everything aligned properly at the end of each length.

You can go to: to see the baseboard with the Train Set track on.........