Thursday, April 12, 2018

Lazy mans dirt

Grandt Line On3 Mine tubs

I like to describe my weathering methods as 70% of the results for 30% of the effort. There are many people, especially in the plastic kit modelling world, who do a better job. The effort required for their models is tremendous and most of the time, I can't be bothered. Let's face it, even the idea of spraying everything puts me off. 

Anyway, the tubs are done and (I think) look OK. After the woodwork was painted, all the metal had a coat of Humbrol dirty black acrylic, which weirdly gummed up a nearly new brush destroying it. 

Then some washes of black and brown Citadel weathering washes. Finally, loads of powder. Inside, there was a shot of hairspray first to ensure a really good, claggy buildup of "coal". 

The finishing touch was rubbing a normal HB pencil in the wheel treads, which looks rather effective.

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Anonymous said...

You can get acrylic paint out of brushes by soaking them in Detol disinfectant - the brown stuff not the clear surface cleaner. It takes a while but does resurrect brushes that would otherwise be useless. I have also used it for stripping Halfords acrylic spray paint off a model after a painting disaster. I had top weight the model down in a recycles ice cream tub filled with the stuff.