Monday, April 09, 2018

Feed my ego

Perhaps the biggest surprise at York came when I collected a couple of kits for review Stephen at Narrow Planet. Not only where they as well packaged as ever, the box label says they are for me!

Needless to say, this flattery will not affect any comments I make in the review.  I've written up a few of the firms products in the past and don't expect there will be much to worry about, and the post-purchase backup is really good too.

OO6.5 (4mm scale running on 6.5mm track made popular by the Busch Feldbahn system) is pretty niche, but then narrow gauge is popular these days as ready-to-run models locos appear on the scene.

Chatting about the business, Narrow Planet are providing a useful service to tiny manufacturers by providing the on-line shop they all need, but frequently don't have the resources to run themselves. For customers, it becomes a one-stop-shop for the slightly oddball products which can make them aware of all the other goodies available in the scale. Fun, but potentially expensive!


Chris Ford said...

A more enthusiastic team you'll rarely find. Top modellers the lot of them. Highly recommended range.

Mark A. Greenwood said...

Hope you enjoy.... especially the RAR one plank open wagon (MGR-002) given I'm responsible for the design work on that one.