Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: Diesel generator

Another ugly bit of Alexandra Palace. Standing in the exhibitor's cafe, I spotted this cracking emergency generator.

Basically, a box topped with an exhaust, it would be a doddle to model.

Lots of places have these power backup devices nowadays, so you could tuck one into many locations. When I worked for the council, we had two, right in the centre of town. Sadly, the contractors employed to replace the power units one weekend didn't do a great job and the ground became sodden with diesel fuel.

First job? Tell the staff to stop using it as a smoking area...


Huw Griffiths said...

… But that spoils the fun!

Joking aside, several years back, I was on a coach that needed to call at a motorway services for refuelling.

No problem, you'd think - driver gets out of his cab and sorts out the fuel - passengers stay on the coach - couple of minutes and everyone's on their way.

Unfortunately, a couple of passengers had failed to grasp this straightforward message. They got off - ignored all the enormous warning signs about fuels being, well, flammable - and proceeded to light up some "cancer sticks".

To say that the driver was somewhat irritated would be a gross understatement.

Andy in Germany said...

Hmm, a useful picture: that's one of those things that gets overlooked... Thanks Phil.