Thursday, April 26, 2018

Getting back to basics in BRM

If you think model railways are too expensive, the solution may be to look back in history.

That's what I'm doing this month in BRM, building a coal office using techniques and materials that date from the 1960s. The design is from a Skinley drawings, which the HMRS have allowed us to reproduce for readers to copy.

Why did I pick this model? Well, as you'll see on the DVD, we visited the plans room to look at some historic modelling and I was taken by this one as a project. There's a lot more to see though, and if you enjoyed our vintage issue, you'll love some of the material we uncover.


Andy in Germany said...

An excellent idea: it's good to show that the important ingredient in making is creativity and skill, not money.
This perception of model making being expensive is even worse here where a wealthy enthusiast (?) can have a railway in a matter of a few computer clicks, so everyone assumes that if I have a model railway I must be seriously rich or else depriving my children of food...

James Finister said...

I really like that, then I've always been a fan of Ahern and Iliffe Stokes