Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Walls up and wobbly

Those ex-Airfix walls go together nice an quickly. Despite the age of the mouldings, there is very little flash and part fit is generally pretty good. The nearest corner is the worst and yet a touch of filler will hide the join.

Soft plastic means wobbly and slightly twisted components. A teak with fingers is mostly enough to fix any problems and I'm sure as the kit comes together, it will be strengthened by the roof. I'm tempted to add internal walls too.

Handy hint. Pay attention and make sure to identify the right bits. Or at least be ready to peel things apart if you get it wrong.

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Anonymous said...

The plastic in Dapol's mouldings is quite soft. I drilled out the journal holes in the bogies on a couple of Dapol cranes under construction. The bogies then have TIchy nylon bearing inserts placed in the drilled holes. This makes the coned bearing inserts the wear surfaces against metal wheelset axles rather than the soft Dapol plastic.


Steve Lucas