Friday, April 20, 2018

Radio control price shocka!

Looking through the April 1978 issue of Model Boats magazine, I was shocked to trip over this advert.

£101.25 for a radio outfit would be considered strong money today. A quick look at Cornwall Model Boats shows a Hi-Tec5 channel system for £84. That's neither the cheapest set or the cheapest supplier. You get 2.4mHz for that too.

Even a 2 channel setup from Sanwa on the previous page comes in at £54.95 with 2 servos or £39 with 1.

At the time, the average house price was £13,820 - 136 RC sets. Now it's £211,756 or 2520 RC sets.

In 1978, milk was 11p a pint so 921 pint for the RC (now 88p or 95 pints for the RC).

Technology moves on and really does get cheaper. The "good old days" weren't always so good after all!

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