Friday, April 13, 2018

Storm in a (broken) tea cup

You need to be careful on the Internet. This week, my Isle of Man Steam railway mug was involved in a catastrophic washing up incident. It's a lovely mug, I bought one after enjoying a cuppa while chatting to Colin at Union Mills Models, he served the drink up in one and since I enjoyed our meeting so much, I felt that an identical drinking vessel would be a suitable souvenir.

Anyway, I was a bit sad about breaking my mug and posted on Facebook, "My Isle of Man steam railway mug has broken. :-(".

At least that's what I meant to post. Thanks to the joys of autocorrect and a tablet computer now struggling to deal with the heavy page load the Facebook website has become, I actually posted, "My Isle of Man steam railway has broken. :-("

A few minutes later, the editor of Narrow Gauge World is in touch asking what's up. I hadn't realised my mistake and for a while wondered why he was so interested. It turns out that the post had fired up his journalistic juices and suggested yet another problem had befallen the system.

I quickly assured him that as far as I know, only my mug has an issue at the moment!

Anyway, I have a trip back to the island booked for later this year and I'm taking a car. A supply of mugs will be purchased - tea tastes so good out of them!

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