Sunday, July 08, 2018

KMBC Open Day 2018

Pigeon Pie

A bright sunny day in early summer spent beside our model boating lake? What could be better?

The KMBC open day enjoyed perfect weather and this brought out a wide variety of model boats, not just from the members, but from visitors too.


One of the highlights had to be this massive model of Titanic. With no icebergs to worry about, the processed around the pond in a stately fashion. To be honest, at nearly 6ft long, she is a little bit for our water, but just managed to make the turns smoothly.

I spent the day operating the Bring'n'Buy stall, so the chances to take photos were a bit limited, but at least I managed to get a sail with Pigeon Pie - well you have to take your best boat don't you? 

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