Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: Lean to workshop

Lean to building

Visiting the Black Country Museum a few weeks ago, in the rain, I couldn't resist the properly mucky areas of industry. Yes the shops are pretty, but this is an industrial area and so that's the proper history. 

This little lean-to workshop is (assuming the museum have got it right) the sort of useful modelling prototype I like. A single story, it's what you make when you've got some bits of a kit left over and don't want to throw them away. 

Great for giving a model the "higgledy-piggledy" look that these sort of places developed as buildings were thrown up to do a job, not to look pretty. 

Added detail - the ground was compacted dirty stone rather than tarmac. Not very flat, a skim of plaster mixed with black powder paint would do the job. Then add puddles.


Paul B. said...

Is that the conical end of an egg ended steam boiler on the right?
Looks like another place that I must visit anyway.

Duncan Young said...

I made a foray to Snow Hill on Weds- foreign territory(!) and as the train journeyed West out of the station, I noticed a beauty with chimneys on the corner and a dutch style roof- its name was faded and escapes me but one for Mr Parker to track down???