Thursday, October 04, 2018

Detail manufacture with a leather punch

An understandable niggle with many laser-cut kits is that bolt heads and rivets are represented with etched circles rather than anything raised. I'm sure round bits could be supplied but this would be fiddly and add to the cost. Surely modellers can do these themselves if they are bothered?

I am and I can.

The solution is simplicity itself. A leather punch with varying sizes of hole makers.

Leatherworkers want to make holes, but I'm more interested in the circles themselves. Punching some 0.5mm plastic quickly fills the punch and with a small screwdriver, I can poke them into the reservoir under the orange plastic cover.

A bit of superglue and there I have it, simple bolt and rivets for the kit.

Note: I know you can buy really nice bolt heads from both Tamya and Cambrian. I have both sets but felt they would be overkill for this kit. It's not that accurate a model, so these will do. 

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