Monday, October 08, 2018

Review: GVS Elipse spray mask

A face mask is an absolute essential when spray painting or airbrushing. You might think that you're only working on a model so it won't matter, but your lungs don't care where the paint came from.

I have a spray booth, but always wear a mask, and my old version was letting me smell paint the last couple of times I used it. Since Halfords don't seem to sell the cartridge filters any more (or any other type of spray mask - the assistant pointed me at a dust mask!) it was time to find a replacement.

Screwfix seems the obvious place to go to find something. They cater from the more demanding professional market, so if they are OK with the kit, my short bursts of spraying shouldn't tax it too much.

My choice is the GVS Eclipse Half Mask Respirator. It's rated for P3, that is paint and solvents so good for the stuff I use. I'm not using 2-pack paint, so we don't need forced air or anything fancy.

In the box, the mask seemed very small, but once on, the very flexible rubber sealed around my mouth and nose very well. The top of the nose doesn't interfere with the bridge of my glasses. Both filters are also flexible and peel out of the blue rubbery bit, changing them is a little fiddly, but a matter of a few minutes.

My entirely unscientific test showed no smells coming through when I weathered a 7mm scale wagon with thinned enamel paint. I could still breath perfectly normally too.

I am impressed with this. It's a lot more comfortable than my old mask. I can slip it on and off without removing my glasses, in fact, it's easy to slide down my face leaving the mask around my neck while out of the garage enjoying a cup of tea.

The straps around the back of my head are elastic and I didn't need to adjust them, although this is easy enough. Maybe I have a big bonce so they just pull tight.

So far, so good. For the price (mask and spare filters were less than the last one cost), this seems to be exactly what I need for model making spraying.

Eclipse mask at Screwfix.


James Finister said...

Do you think we should also be using these when working with plastic solvents?

Phil Parker said...

Difficult. Arguably, we should wear them at all times. The volume of vapour in a spray booth means the atmosphere is pretty thick so you won't be able to avoid breathing it. When using plastic solvents, I'm inclined to think that as long as we heed the advice on the tube/bottle to "Work in a well-ventilated room" we'll be OK. It's probably less dangerous than crossing the road or walking around a large town and breathing.

Luke Stevens said...

The problems I've had with masks is that they make my spectacles mist up when I breathe out. Did you notice any thing similar with this one?

Phil Parker said...

No - no problem with this at all. Glass still clear (ish - I spray wearing an old paint which are a bit grubby)

Ian Dale said...

I've just tried one of these out thanks to your recommendation and its great! The face seal is very good and my glasses do not steam up at all.

Thank you for the tip, keep on blogging!