Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Plastic noodling a radiator

At the front of the Hunslet, I need a radiator, and prototype pictures show that this sticks out of the sides and top, so I needed to concoct something from bits of plastic.

Wrapping a couple of layers of 0.5mm thick sheet around the edges and then sanding the corners away was a quick enough job. The raised flanges are made from 2mm square strip. I don't buy much of specific sizes preferring to keep big stocks of random sizes, but these seemed about right for the job and I can't remember what I bought them for originally.

The mesh is from an Albion Alloys sheet. Easy to cut with scissors and held in place by a few dots of superglue. The cross in front is more microstrip superglued in place.

Over the top is the word "Hunslet" from Slater's letters. It should be "Hudson Hunslet" but I couldn't fit that on, nor be bothered fiddling around with plastic letters. If this were a proper scale model I would, but it isn't.

It still looks nice though. 

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Luke Stevens said...

It's looking really good, Phil. And it's real modelling too! Not enough of that out there at the moment...