Sunday, November 03, 2019

Exeter Garden Rail show 2019


A slow start to this years Exeter show. For a start, England were beating the All Blacks at Rugby, and the wet and windy weather wasn't conducive to queuing in the car park. I left it ten minutes before joining. Thankfully, the door team were on fire and we allowed in quickly.

Inside there were plenty of layouts to watch, including a couple of small models that have inspired me a bit, and loads to buy. The second-hand stall was as full as ever but I decided that if I wandered around for a bit instead of joining the scrum, I'd see more. I was right. Mind you, cash was still spent later in the day!

I shot a bit of video showing a few trains running too.

Slow start or not, this was as ever, an excellent show. I chatted a lot, enjoyed a good lunch and left pretty much as chucking out time!

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