Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Motor in

Even I can't go wrong assembling a High-Level models gearbox. I soldered the main parts up OK. Put the bearing in. Cleaned it all up in the sink and then filed the top hast back flush with the gearbox sides - they won't fit in a OO chassis if you don't do this. You also need to shorten the shafts for the intermediate gears which is a bit more of a faff.

Incidentally, the rods can be cut with the piercing saw, you don't need a carbodium disk as the instructions say. I prefer then hand tool for this job. It seems more natural and controllable. That might just be me being weird though.

With all the gears in, a smear of superglue over the outside ends of the shafts holds them in place while the gearbox is inserted into the chassis. Just the final gear on the axle to line up.

At which point I realised I've put the intermediate gear on the wrong side of the upper one. After much muttering, I manage to extract the shaft and correct this. Pay attention Parker!

Anyway, back together and with a dot of superglue holding the brass final gear on the axle and all runs sweetly, even on H&M Clipper power. Driving the centre axle isn't what the chassis instructions suggest, they point you at the rear but then assume a compensated chassis, but I prefer it for a more balanced drive. You still can't see the drive system with the body on so that's OK then.

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Chris Ford said...

Love it. I really wish I could be bothered to do this type of thing again.