Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Waterborne Wednesday: Discovery Rose

Survey boat

The Discovery Rose, pictured in Cornwall, is a dredger according to the Marine Traffic website. I'm not convinced!

She is apparently 19 metres long, which looks about right, and IMHO would make a very nice model. There is deck detail but not too much so she'd be something you worried about carrying to the lakeside.

The thing that really interests me in this photo is the loading chute to the right hand side. I wonder how old that is and what it was used for?


James Finister said...

The chutes were for clay, archive film of them in use here

Colin Murdoch said...


She clearly is not a dredger. That same marine site contains a photo of her dried out against a key, and there is clearly no dredging equipment below the hull.
Given that she carries the legend “Survey” would suggest that she is in fact a survey vessel. She may carry some portable equipment for “dredging” small marine survey samples from the seabed, hence the classification. A number of general purpose vessels are used in west wales to carry out seabed surveys from time to time.


Colin Murdoch