Monday, November 12, 2007

Class 14 chassis

class 14 chassis
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Progress on the 14 has been slowed by all this boat stuff but I know a shift on is needed. The show the model needs to be ready for is only a couple of weeks away.

Anyway, here’s the chassis. There isn’t much to say about this really, Solder the spacers in and then the bearings. Finish with the overlays.

Of course there are niggles. Trevor has had some new spacers etched for OO modellers. I didn’t like these and used the originals, which are tight on the backs of the wheels but work OK. They fit better too as the new versions don’t have the tabs in quite the right place as far as I can tell.

The overlays were soldered by tinning the backs and also the chassis. A good brush load of flux later and some gentle heat around the edge joins the two. Superglue would work just as well and be easier to clean up but I’m supposed to do these things “properly”.

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