Sunday, November 04, 2007

Class 14 kit

Class 14 kit
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OK, here it is – the Mercian Models Class 14 Diesel kit. I know at least one person out there is keen to see this, so here goes…

This is what I have. There are still a few minor details parts missing but these will follow very shortly. The kit is etched in nickel silver and basically shot down from a 7mm scale kit. The picture on the box is the O gauge locomotive.

My task is to build this and have it ready for Trevors stand at Warley in a months time.

I have an advantage as I built an earlier version of this a couple of years ago. As I recall it went together very well. The bad news is I don’t really remember it. And there are no instructions, I think I’m supposed to write these as well.

Watch this space.

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