Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coal rails

Coal rails
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Lots of head scratching here. I know where the coal rails on the locomotive but how I was to get them there was a little more challenging.

As supplied the part has all the strength of thin paper. To give some relief the rails are mostly half etched. I don't understand why as the alternative part is made from whitemetal and the thickness of (scale) tree trunks. Full thickness brass would have been a whole lot easier to handle.

Anyway, I tinned the part to beef it up a little and then used the RSU to attach the back and ends. They seem pretty well fixed but the whole thing is still a bit flimsy. It's position on the back doesn't help as I keep bending them. I know they can be straight but will leave that until spray time to avoid messing up the metal with constant tweaking.

Still, the guards over the back windows look nice, don't they ?

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