Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Top stringer

Top stringer
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The bulkheads are now in place. Only a little alteration was require to get them to sit properly - I'd managed to mark out 3mm slots for the keel and then had to amend these to the correct 6mm. Some were a bit deep too but this was obvious the moment the bulkhead was offered up.

Getting the paper patterns off took plenty of padding with a wet cloth followed by scraping and sanding. If anyone knows a better way to fix paper to wood than PVA glue then let me know. My method works OK and I don't want to get into spray glue that remains tacky forever unless I have to.

Next up are the stringers. Some 4mm by 1mm bass wood had a bath for a few minutes to make it amazingly flexible. Alphatic resin and lots of clamps (including keel clamps screwed through the wood) hold it in place. The curve of the deck is quite complex which explains why the vac-formed hull didn't really do the job. I'm not sure how well I will do but it's worth a go.

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