Thursday, January 01, 2009

Now we are three

Number 3Today, Phil's Workbench celebrates it's third birthday. Since I'm still posting, that makes it positively venerable in a blogsphere full of sites that were abandoned after a couple of posts once the writer had discovered that coming up with something interesting on a regular basis.

Talking of posts, this has been a bumper year with over 400 exciting and interesting (hopefully) things to read. There have been too many models built to list individually but I am particularly proud of the O gauge Garratt and Steam Launch. Everything else, even the failures, has been at the very least constructive and a learning experience - for me at least !

Of course this year has been a bit different from previous ones. In the spring I decided to take a career break. Or chuck my job in if you prefer. My plan involved a fair bit of travelling which thanks to petrol prices going through the roof and the campervan deciding to be poorly didn't really happen. What little that did occur can be read about on my travelling blog. To partly compensate for my lack of income I have done a reasonable amount of writing for model magazines and built the odd locomotive for other people. Obviously neither is a full time or even particularly lucrative proposition so during the year my output will diminish again once I get a proper job and stop goofing around !

Anyway, the upcoming year promises more of the same. Another Garratt, some scratchbuilding. A lifeboat or possibly even two. Plus other stuff that even I don't know about. Maybe the pile of kits awaiting building will go down faster than it goes up...

Finally, thanks for reading this stuff. According to my visit counter the blog averages just under 50 readers per day. In the last few months the numbers coming back on a regular basis has "soared" into double figures. Special thanks to those who have linked to me from their own blogs and websites it's always appreciated guys.

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