Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Roof resolved

Roof resolved
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Off the roof came and this time the cab back was removed too.

The roof wrapper was still reasonably accurately bent so I just heated up the solder to smooth it out and made a new sub-assembly of roof and back.

Then the cab back was shortened by filing it down to remove the excess 3/4 ish of a mm. I suppose I should talk about careful measurements and highly accurate cutting but to be honest I just kept trying the part on the model until things looked right. Then when all appeared OK I tacked it in position and measured the height back and front with a dial vernier. The numbers came out the same so the joints were made good.

With things still OK the beading around the opening went in. This is a thin strip with a half etch line down the centre to aid location. It's tacked in place and jiggled into perfect position. Finally loads of flux, heat and a tiny amount of solder later it's in. One side needed a little adjustment as all the messing around with the roof had stretched the side a bit. The result, when under paint should (I hope) be invisible.

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