Monday, January 05, 2009


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A couple of days ago I pulled a muscle in the small of my back. As long as I don't stay in one position for too long I'm OK but standing is much more comfortable than sitting, something that isn't good news for building etched loco kits.

In the meantime I've been sticking cut out plans to bits of wood for the Brede - something I can do on my worktop and not sitting at the bench.

The bulkheads have all be stuck to Lite Ply. This is a wonderful wood used by aeromodellers. As you would guess from the name it is very light. It is also lovely to work as it can be cut easily with a heavy craft knife. I chopped the basic shapes out with a scroll saw but finished to the lines with knife and sandpaper. Experts may be able to work with the saw for the whole job but I'm not practised enough for this.

The keel has been hacked out of 6mm thick basswood. This did need the saw and then a fair bit of sanding but the result looks OK. It's slightly too think for the front of the keel and slightly too narrow for the back. I reckon a bit of tapering with a sander will be enough for me as the fibreglass covering will add a few mm.

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