Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fox Walker

Fox Walker Kit
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OK. Next on to the workbench is a Mercian kit for a Somerset & Dorset Fox Walker 0-6-0 steam engine. I have built this kit in 7mm scale but this one will be in OO (4mm:1ft). The former wasn't a whole lot of fun, partly because the kit was under development but mostly due to the incredible variety in this tiny class of locos.

If there ever was an occasion for getting a photo of your prototype in the condition you wish to model it, it's this one. Apart from a myriad of tiny details such as cab door and back shapes, even the frame length changes in the class. Two of the locos were damaged and rebuilt with longer frames. The saddle tanks also grew and covered the smokebox.

Of course the kit covers all of the variations making it suitable for those with a modest knowledge of the prototype or at least the patience and concentration to read the instructions properly where you'll find all the information. I've been asked to build Number 9 in her original state. That's sloping firebox, curvy cab door and short frames.

I think.

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