Friday, February 06, 2009

More brakegear squeezing

Hudswell Chassis
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
What is it with brake gear ? This is the second model locomotive I've built in a row where the clearance between the wheels has been measured in atoms. Thing is, this time the brake angers and shoes are pretty spindly. Squeezing them in meant some simple but careful filing. using a half-moon needle file to reduce the width of the shoes bought me enough gap and if you need justification, replicated the look of well used brakes.

Apart from this the only deviation from a simple path with this chassis was hacking some triangular clearance holes in the top to let the motor sit down properly. Obviously the model needs to be supplied with a smaller motor or two stage gearbox. The later would be nice as there is loads of space in the bonnet. On a shunter trading top speed for extra grunt isn't a bad idea.

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