Thursday, February 17, 2011

165DS Roof on

165DS Progress

Progress on the Ruston continues. The roof has been fitted to the cab. This is a bigger step than it ought to be.

The original plans for the model had included a removable cab lid but trying to persuade the half-etched component to retain the bends while lose proved fruitless. Ideas around making a separate sub-frame to attach it to foundered when I realised the bottom roof edge would be below the top of the front windows making the design rather more complicated than I fancied.

The problem is the join here has to be perfect. Nothing else will do. Gaps at the top of the cab sides would look terrible. In the end I soldered the roof at one ens and tacked it into place as I bent it around the front and back. Even then I was pulling the brass to try and stretch it so it made the other end. As you would expect from a well designed kit, it just fits.

Cutting board auction update: 197 views, 7 watchers and 1 bid. Come on, you know you want it !

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