Saturday, February 12, 2011

1957 Beetle

1957 BeetleMy latest project needs a VW. The first choice would have been a split screen pickup but as I couldn't find the one I have, the next best option was this nice early Beetle.

1957 was an important year for the Bug. It saw the abandonment of the oval rear window in favour of a traditional rectangular shape. Since the project is sort of end of 50's this means it will fit in perfectly.

The model is die cast of indeterminate parentage but probably Schuco. The scale is 3.5mm to the foot rather than the correct 4mm, but as the prototype is a small car I reckon no one will notice.

I did make a few changes to the model as supplied; the body has been sprayed with matt varnish, the glazing was junked and re-done with Krystal Klear to get rid of the 3 inch wide chrome, wing mirrors picked out in chrome and the running board rubbers painted black. You can't rely on manufacturers to get everything right. On the front of a sloping wing (pre-1968) Beetle are some little vents, one of which is in front of the horn. The painter has dotted these with orange as though they were indicators - of course these are on top of the wings. It IS possible to have flashers in this position but that tends to be on California look cars when the wing top lumps would follow the rest of the chrome to the bin. The bumpers would likely be replaced by nerf-bars at the same time.

This might sound a lot of work and probably strikes some as ruining a perfectly good die-cast model, but it's my model and a really hate that shiny paint job so that alone makes it worth it.

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G.G.R said...

'You can't rely on manufacturers to get everything right' - Very true, I bought a Hotwheels herbie last year, got home and realised it was a friggen oval!