Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Further thoughts from Southampton

Yesterdays post was written under the influence of still being tired. It probably wasn't the most fulsome or coherent of posts. Mind you I did include celebrity muffin pictures (chew on that Google) so it wasn't all bad. However I had some more thoughts:

PortchullinYou can do model railway sounds properly.

Watching Portchullin, the diesels (Class 25s I think) sounded really good. It's not that I actually know the difference between a Suzler engine and Deltic (no really, I wouldn't. If it's not air-cooled then I probably won't be able to tell) it was that the volume had been turned down so you heard it as though the engines from the sort of distance you would be at if they appeared 4mm scale. The effect was enhanced by being in a quiet-ish room. Or it would have been if there hadn't been an American layout bellowing from the other side of the room.

Haven Hill JunctionTight curves and locomotives do mix

You can get an On30 locomotive around a 9 inch radius curve. In fact if it's a 4-wheel locomotive, then 6 inch radius will be sufficient. This is important for our future American narrow gauge project. Now we know how wide it has to be for a continuous run.

Wibdenshaw scrap trainScrap metal doesn't have to include an Airfix Pug

No really. There was a fantastic scrap metal train on Wibdenshaw. Each wagon was full of unidentifiable bits of metal. Just like the real thing. I looked but I couldn't spot any Pug, or bits of die-cast road vehicle. Or obvious bits of etched kit leftovers. The only oddity was a model flamecut cabside number that I suspect may have been included to wind up a member of the team who built it !

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