Friday, February 11, 2011

Telephone boxes in Hornby Magazine

This month I get the chance to do an old favorite for Hornby Magazine - telephone boxes. I've always loved them and contend that if you want to improve your photography, there is nothing better than trying to take the best shot you can of every red box you find. Because the main feature is the same in each image, you have to concentrate on composing the rest carefully to make the best of it.

Anyway, the photos in the article are interesting. Just how big did the designer blow up my models ?!?!  The individual grains in the silver paint on the modern box show up in a picture that must be 20 times life size ! It looks surprisingly good though. Sadly a couple of pictures of varnish and glue have been squashed a bit but you get the point.

Elsewhere I've got a few reviews in of weathering spray, a book and a picker-upper tool. And there is something on building crowd barriers for our exhibition.

Bad news though - there are pictures of the new RTR CoBo and so I better get a move on with my kit built version or everyone will think I just bought it...

Hornby Magazine Website

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