Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slightly famous modelling mat for sale...

Old cutting boardLast week, I mentioned that I'd just bought a new self healing cutting board as my current one was looking more than a bit tatty. Some wag commented that I ought to put the old one on eBay.

So I have.

Here is your chance to own a very minor bit of model railway history. If you are the winning bidder, I'll even sign it if you want.

But what to do with the money ? Should I spend it on a yacht, or wild women and song ? No, dear reader, I thought of you and since this blog is about model railways and boats with regular, and popular, mentions of cake, my plan is this:

The first £1.79 of the sale price will be spent at Leamington Spa railway station on a muffin. This will be photographed and reviewed here. Any extra cash will be taken to my local model railway shop and poured into the RNLI collecting tin on the counter.

A win for everyone I think. Now go away to eBay and get bidding !


Christian said...

How much did it go for in the end Phil?

Phil Parker said...

Not enough to retire on, but sufficient for muffin: