Friday, February 18, 2011

Gaugemaster Hand Held Controller repair.

Guagemaster Hand Held ControllerOne of the Gaugemaster hand held controllers I use to run our layouts developed an interesting fault at Peterborough. When you shut it off, the loco suddenly got a jolt of half power. Not for long, a fraction of a second, but enough to be annoying. I just swapped over to the spare and put it down to overheating.

A few weeks ago, when testing the layout in advance of the trip to Southampton I tried it again. Same problem.

How did I fix this ?

Simple - I rang Gaugemaster and they said "Pop it in the post". I did and today, around 2 weeks later, I received a box as show above. The knob on the controller is a lot stiffer so I suspect at the very least the potentiometer has been replaced. In the box was an invoice.

For £0.00

That's right, Gaugemaster controllers come with a lifetime guarantee. They fixed my battered, well used controller for free. They didn't even charge for postage. Which is why I always buy Gaugemaster controllers. And recommend that you do too.

Cutting board auction update: 5 bids now - things are hotting up !

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